Friday, January 23, 2009


Presently I am reading 'Meena:Heroine of Afghanistan' by Melody Ermachild Chavis,a biographical account of young founder of Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan'(RAWA).
For one thing,Melody's acknowledgement of Meena as 'Heroine of Afghanistan' is precise.I still cant believe that any woman,born in a middle class family,,can not only think about Women's Rights,Freedom,Democracy,Secular government,but also work for it.Her's is a story which thrashes the hopes of fundamentalists and male chauvinists that women can never equal men.
In Fact,Meena is as great as any male leader,if not better.I urge people to read this book by Melody Chavis for I agree with what Alice Walker says about this novel:'Her's is a story that the world must learn by heart'.
Meena has showed Osama bin Laden what an arse he is.But not only her,but every member and supporter of RAWA,from start of the organization,should be applauded.
For more information on Meena please visit and try to help Afghan women.

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