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Failure of Anti-Gay Muslims at

Some of my friends at are determined that homosexuality is not only a grave sin in Islam,but also curable.How?You may ask.
According them,we should try not have sex with someone from our own gender,as this is a period of test by the Almighty Allah.Fair enough.But is homosexuality also a test for those four hundred species in which homosexuality has been noted?Does that mean that God created the brains of gay men different than those of heterosexual men Himself,and wants to throw homosexuals in hell for eternity for something they are not responsible for?If that is the case then my friends at this blog make God look sadistic,rather than an 'All-Loving,All-Just' God that every religion preaches.
Its a well known fact that homosexuality has somewhat genetic basis,if not wholly,which seems absurd to my anti-Gay brothers.I have heard the most arguments against the biological basis of homosexuality.According to one argument 'If homosexuality is genetic is doesn't mean it is not a sin.What if tomorrow science finds a gene for alcoholics and a gene for other asocial habits such as theft'?
Does the above question even seem sane enough to you?Not to me?Drinking doesn't have to do anything with genes.You cant expect a gene there in your brain which teaches you how to create barrels of alcoholic wines.That is a procedure you plan out by using your own mind which is in your own control,where as homosexuality seems to be out of control for most of the people.These people don't feel the sexual needs towards the same-sex partners only,but same emotions as heterosexuals.They feel love for each other.That is why not every homosexual is a sex-freak and there exist celibate homosexuals too.If my brothers at are trying to say that homosexuality as a promiscuous lifestyle should be condemned that is still understandable,to some extent,but if they mean that homosexuality should be condemned at all,I am sorry,I cant support them,for they are mixing two facts:
1:Homosexuals may be promiscuous
2:Not all homosexuals are so.And homosexuality is not the name of sex freakishness but an innate feeling of love towards same-sex partner.
As for theft and murder,I don't think we can find any gene for that either.But even if we do find any,the analogy of homosexuality and theft seems bizarre,for in theft a person or various parties maybe harmed or even killed but in homosexuality there is consensual love and sex between two people of the same gender.In the former case one if responsible for damage done to a person's life and if we forgive them(being lenient maybe an option) just because they had 'Theft -genes' they might end up harming Pete knows how many lives or even be responsible for tens of deaths.But how can two men,who love each other and are having consensual sex,harm any third party?Please!Don't tell me that THEY-HARM-BECAUSE-THEY CANT-PROCREATE-AND-SPREAD-AIDS/HIV/Hepatitis.
AIDS/HIV and hepatitis may be carried on a large scale among homosexuals but repressing one's sexuality is not the way to deal with it.Enforcing and condemning homosexuality will only be fuel to the fire.rather we should provide sex education and tolerance for sexual diversity.With new ages come new problems,but we always have to find new solutions,not rely on old traditions alone at least,if not wholly.
My brothers and sisters at are telling Muslim homosexuals that even if homosexuality is genetic,wholly,that doesn't mean they are natural,even if they are not harming a single third person.That they should try to resist sexual attractions towards same-sex people.And of course to be fully in the presence of Allah,by going to mosque five times a day and reading Quran,along other methods.
If homosexuality is a choice(If one can vanguish same-sex attraction by mere resistance,it has to be a choice)then I wonder why so many famous homosexuals dared to come out publicly and not try to change their sexualities.Then why is it mostly found among Muslim lands,in one form or another(such as bisexuality,bi-curiosity,lesbianism,homosexuality,trans-sexuality)where it is publicly condemned and even punishable by stoning to death.
Patrick Neil Harris,the star of 'How I Met Your Mother' TV series,admitted that he had sex with more than a dozen women before he accepted his sexuality.That's strange,considering that having sex with women is,according the morally righteous, a perfect solution for homosexuality.
There was once a case that surfaced,about a madrassah-teacher(Muslim religious school teacher) who had tried to force his student to have sexual act with him,and that student was a young male child).
This is what happens when:
1:Sexual segregation is promoted
2:Homosexuality is condemned(Homosexuals are torn between religion and sexuality and so end up with destruction of self-confidence and feeling of unnaturalness,thus not caring about whether they have sex with a Mayor or a Mullah).
3:When homosexuality becomes an non-debatable subject(due to this homosexual children might not be able to find enough information concerning their sexuality and end up in wrong hands,such as people who practice gay promiscuity,rather than monogamous homosexuals).
My anti-Gay brothers and Sisters succeeded in pointing out that homosexuality is a sin in Islam on the basis of Quran and Hadith and Sunnah(Though they havent given any references but just keeping on blatantly saying ''Islam only speaks about hetrosexual love''.To this I reply,Islam also doesn't talk about contraceptives,(such as condoms)What does that mean then?,about Japan(which was existent then).Nor were they able to provide any link to any established institution,such as APA(American Psychiatric Association) or person,such as Richard Dawkins(Evolutionist and Biologist),to support their YOU-CAN-CONTROL-YOUR-SEXUALITY Theory.At the maximum they might be able to get stuff from NARTH but it is a controversial organisation itself,promoting reparative therapy which has shown miserably failed results when it comes to changing one's sexuality through therapy.

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