Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Queer Genes

Now that some conservative Muslims face problem between homosexuality and religion,after realizing that Gay Rights activitsts are not day dreaming about 'Gay Gene',they have come up,yet again,with their laughable arguments against accepting homosexuality just because we have a large body of sicentific data considering homosexuality to be natural on the basis of a high possibility of existence of gay gene.

One of the arguements is that even if we accept a gay gene,that doesnt mean its not immoral.What if we find out a gene for alcoholism ?What if we find out a gene for theft,or rape or murder?

At first this arguement seems sane,but only if you ponder a little bit,it seems to be the work of some one totally insane.

First of all we havent found out any gene for theft or rape or murder neither for alcoholism.And comparing sexuality to theft,rape,murder,alcoholism is laughable and outrageous simultaneously.These kind of childish questions result when people try not to look at the other side of their world.What if we find a 'God-centre' in the human brain?What if we find out that a person is born religious beause there is a gene out there to do such a job?The list can then go on if we argue that 'what if such and such thing had a gene'.
Furthermore there is alot of difference between human sexuality and rape/murder/theft/alcoholism.
Let's say that we find a gene for theft/murder/rape,but even then you cant compare homosexuality and such heinous deeds since there exists an array of differences between these two,human sexuality and theft/murder/rape,the biggest one being that in theft/murder/rape person(s) is/are being harmed.But in Pete's name is some one being harmed because of homosexuality?When did people start dying after hearing the news that two men got married in Belgium?If we find out that there exists genes for theft/murder/rape,then we would need new innovative ideas to deal with such crimes,not go back to the agrigarian societies' moral code.
If we find out that there is a gene for alcoholism,then we would need to find out how we can make alcoholics leave alcoholism,or if they cant then how we can help them,or how such an alcohol type should be produced which keeps alcohols and society both happy.
Alot of people would argue that homosexuals can be as harmful as theives since they spread AIDS(an idea entertained by quite alot of people).Homosexual society might consist,to a large extent,promiscous members,but again we would need new methods to deal with new problems.We must allow sex education for homosexuals too and make 'have safe gay lifestyle' campaigne.There are many monogamous gay and lesbian people too.In fact Church Of England has a virgin and celibate ones (who can now have civil partnership with their same-sex boyfriends) if you want to refute the argument that homosexuals are sexfreak and that homosexuality is a learned experience.Plus,homosexuals are not the only people who have AIDS.When did straight prostitutes in Heera Mandi turn Lesbians?Such claims that homosexuals are a sign of moral decadence and that they are HIV/AIDS carriers are baseless. (although it is true that they were the first victims of the disease.And even if its that reportedly in US and UK young Gay men are the worst hit group.But that is due to promiscuity and/or unsafe sex. Homosexuality has nothing innate in favor of the disease).
In the end I would add that genes are not the only factor that people see to consider homosexuality natural,but just one aspect of the belief that homosexuals have a right to live as blissfully as straight people.There are other moral arguements in favour of homosexuality too which,unlike religious orthodoxy,look at it from an objective point of view.

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