Friday, February 6, 2009

The Day I Cried(Coming Out To Parents Poem).

That day I cried,
I wished before that very moment I would have died.
How I thought if I hid the fact from them,
I would be breaking their trust,
But little did I know that the second I told them the truth,
My life would be filled with mayhem.

I held their hands in mine,
Wishing this time life would be eaiser from now on,
That those days of hiding my true self are gone,
But forgot that sometimes our truthfulness,
For others is not so fine.

Oh that glare!
That glare from my father which said,
''You are being so unfair''.
And my mothers eyes,
filled with questions of why(s).
I wish I could tell them it was beyond me,
That by accepting me could they only set my soul free.
But ready they were not to hear,
To hear a word from me,
For it was too much for them to bear.

I sat there crying,
But thn I brought my hand to my face,
And wiped my tears.
From now on I will not hide my sexuality.
No I wouldn't even if there existed little acceptibility.
From no one atleast I wouldn't have any more fears.
Happy about that,
I smile and wipe my tears.


  1. It's really a moving one. Happy that you dared to come out of the cocoon of 'fear'. Only such revelations could bring contentment in life sometimes. Of course it could be painful too, but somewhere in your heart you feel happy for having unraveled your true self. :)

  2. Thank you anonymous,
    Thats really sweet of you to say that.However I am still planning to comeout wholly one day to the rest of the world too.
    My family and a couple of friends know.
    Your remarks are so encouraging.YOU MADE MY DAY[:d]

  3. Keep visiting the blog.And also read other articles.

  4. nice poem.. i appreciate you for you are definitely an inspiration for all young gay Pakistanis.. I came out to my Mom some time back, and she too was upset initially, said that all this might be just a phase, but now she's fine with it.. "It's all good if you're happy" is what she said.. I'm sure with education and exposure, your parents too will come around.. Good luck bro! You're a hero! :)

    1. This poem made me cry. Out of sadness for the kids who have to go through such a difficult process, but also out of happiness because I have never heard a coming out story from a Pakistani. I do think however, that it's easier for gay boys to come out compared to girls who identify as gay girls or lesbian. I hope one day that all people can live according to their own choices in Pakistan. I come from a very conservative family in Islamabad where such issues are not discussed...Right now I am just an ally (not sure about my sexuality) and I hope that the LGBT community in Pakistan can find more allies so that we can help extend support to people of lower classes or people from more conservative/religious families.

  5. Things are changing in Pakistan and I feel happy to feel that. Everything is fair if you feel happy and content with it. This will give me strength to face my parents when I will face them. Keep Going, and keep going Nipun you are doing a good job here in India.

  6. Thanks to all of you.
    This poem was written for all those who come out of closet and get rejected....what they really go through is something only they can tell...


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