Monday, December 15, 2008

Support Muhammad Sven Kalisch

Whenever I read about the doubts on the historical proves for Jesus Christ’s existence,I wondered if we can ever doubt on the existence of another of one of World’s greatest religions:Prophet Muhammad.
Professor Kalisch,a Muslim convert at the age of 15 and now a scholar,has given voice to my thoughts.He is presently writing a book to give arguements in favour of his opinion that Muhammad most likely would have never existed!
This obviously came as a shock to the intellectually stagnant Muslim world who couldnt digest Islamic criticism,specially when it came from a Muslim.And so Muhammad Sven Kalisch’s live is now in danger just because he gave voice to his opinions,or maybe opinions of million of other people.
Even if we assume that he is wrong,there is no reason why he should be killed or his book be banned in the Muslim nations,rather than trying to prove him wrong rationally.He has his human right to speak his mind,whether one likes it or not.


  1. hmmm !!! usman he is totally wrong m.sven has no right to speak against Muhammad PBUH n he is wrong jyst like denmarks people according to my info his books should be banned absolutely n who ever belives m. sven is not a true beliver of RIghteouse religion ISLAM!!!!!!!!!!!
    post by HARIS IQBAL C!_A

  2. Dear Harris,
    I can understand your feelings,and how you feel about Sven.But he has a right to speak his mind even if he is wrong.Freedom of expression is for all.
    Answer one question:
    What if a Hindu stands up and say that Dr.Zakir Naik should be banned because he is insulting Hinduism(even if he is not,for a Hindu,religious criticism of Hinduism IS an insult)?
    What would suggest him?That he should try to refute Dr.Zakir Naik or that Dr.Zakir should be beheaded?I guess the former thingy.So why not with Sven?
    What if he is misunderstood?or what if he is misunderstanding Islam?Whats better:A reply to his challenges against Islam or committing a suicide bombing against him,near the area he lives,hoping he MIGHT be dead after the bomb blast?
    As for the fact that a righteous believe wouldnt follow Sven...Nobody can guarantee who is righteous and who is not...
    Maybe a person who might believe Sven is a person who is a hardcore believer in Allah and practises Islam like anything,afterall Sven is a highly conservative Muslim cleric as noted by his colleagues.


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