Monday, December 15, 2008

The Need For Islamic Reformation

Muslims world is intellectually stagnant, and living in a Muslim utopia, Pakistan, I have no doubts about that. The moment you speak in favour of secularism, in the eyes of others you are an apostate, no matter what, or even if they do admit you as being a Muslim, then to them you are not a ‘true’ Muslim.But amidst all this there are people who understand the need ,in a Muslim society, for pluralism, democracy ,intellectual liberty and some even strongly believe in the separation of mosque and state.But to the majority of Muslims such ideas are un-Islamic and unacceptable.The reason for this is the closure of gates of ‘Ijtihad’(Islamic free reasoning).Personally I have no doubts that using the Ijtihad it would be or it should be difficult for the Muslims to accept secular ideals.But thanks to our Sunni Muslim brothers,who have let go of this great Islamic idea.If Muslims have to move forward and be hand in hand with the rest of world,they must realize that they have to allow freedom of expression,thought,press and worship.Only then can they call themselves ‘free’, otherwise there states are nothing but lands of intolerance,extremism,anti-mundane world and ‘Talibanized’.Also we must support Islamic reformers such as Irshad Manji who have tried to recociliate human rights and Islam,because they are the only rays of hope in the land of backwardness.Muslims are intellectually backward and for Muslims it’s hard to admit. Nevertheless this fact wouldn’t change,and instead of trying to turn the rest of world into a Shari’ah state they must try their level best to reform the traditional thinking about Islam and reinterpret Quran in the light of science and human rights.I was reading that in Spain they publish twice as much books as the Muslim world has published in over a thousand years. Do we need more proves?Change would vanquish the decades of brain washing that million and millions of Muslims have gone through since the time they first learned to speak.But it has to start from somewhere. Therefore its important that ‘we’ must start it NOW,before its too late.For those secularists who dream of seeing Islamic world as a reformed and secular one my advise is that,as aforementioned, they must support Muslim reformers such as Irshad Manji and our Muslim brothers and sisters at .

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