Friday, December 19, 2008

Council of Islamic Ideology and Feminism

Council of Islamic Ideology(CII) has declared the term 'gender equality' in the section 7(a) of National Commission for status of woman ordinance of 2002, 'vague and un-Islamic' and said that Muslim feminists must leanr about Islam if thet want understand the parametres set by Islam,for women.
This is not the end but the start.They called for the eradication of the term gender equality on the opinion(not fact) tat gender equality was impractical because of 'distinct differences in anatomy and physical and mental capabilities'.
One can do nothing but just be shocked by blatant male chauvinism preached by the same people who,when Non-Muslims attack Islam as 'Secular Slander', represent Islam as peaceful,tolerant and universal.But from the statement of CII it doesnt seem to be the case.Infact their statement makes Islam look not only like a secular slander but inhumane religion incompatible with UDHR.
If the term gender equality is eradicated from section 7(a),there will be a decline in the already negligible amount of respect,rights,opprotunities and hope for women of Pakistan,affecting not only Muslim but also non-Muslim women.
As for their claims that women are inferior to men in almost every respect from anatomy to mental state of mind to physical one,I can just wonder how these people treat their own mothers and sisters.Havent they read about the courage of Hellen Keller and how she vanguished her physical challenges?Dont they know about Marie Curie that they claim woman to be inferior to men when it comes to mental capabilties?As for women's anatomy,who decides who is inferior?Women can claim their superiority on the same basis too.What if men are inferior because of their own sexual organ?
I wonder where are Islamic reformists right now?I wonder where Modern and Moderate Muslims are who,whenever Islam is criticized,crop up out of nowhere to defend their religion.We certainly need them to step up and fight such idiocracy and intellectual backwardness as well as male chauvinisma and radicalism in the name of God.And if they fail to do so,then we have lost any hope of reconciliation between Islam and Human Rights.

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