Monday, December 15, 2008

Matthew Wayne Shepards is one of the inspirational people in my life and I take his life’s example every then and now to explain my thoughts concerning homosexuality for I believe that our souls had much in common.We both have been gentle in our own ways and out-casted by our society in one way or another,much worse are the conditions in my life for Matthew’s family still accepted his homosexuality and he had the guts to be openly gay,but my family firmly believes that I am doing a sin,and will be burned in hell forever.
But these are the conditions not only faced by me.The form of hatred that Matthew suffered at the hands of his muderer is quite prevalent even now,atleast I can speak for Islamic nations,particularly Pakistan.
Here is something that I read at one of the websites,concerning the murder of Matthew:
‘Matthew was killed to make a point. His fragile, broken body was left strung up like an animal as a clear message to gay men everywhere. How can someone be so consumed with hatred for a fellow human being that atrocities like this happen? Why is homosexuality even an issue? Why does it excite such feelings of hatred and violence in people, when their lives will never be touched by it? Why is a person’s sexuality anyone else’s business; and who are we to judge other people?”
I have my own believes regarding the questions that are posed here.Gay hate crimes result partly from what our culture has been able to inculcate in us.Unfortunately that is hatred for homosexual,or anyone with a different point of view ,for that matter.
People are taught from homes to schools(I am strictly speaking about Pakistan) that homosexuality is a sin and a social evil.That homosexuals are maybe mentally sick but for sure ,immoral and trash of our society.That God hates Gay people.Homosexuals are sexually perverted.These are all the thoughts that are passed down from teachers and the parents to their pupils and children.Under this kind of impression of homosexuals who won’t have a probelm with homoseuxlality and gays?Who would say ‘Well,it’s their life and their bussiness.Who am I to interfere anyway.”?
People have their own fear.That they might be touched by it.What if their son/daughter go to school and find that homosexuality is normal and become gays themselves?Such kind of irrational beliefs are given birth by the minds filled with irrational stories about homosexuality told by clerics and the hearsay habits of people who never try to learn what in Pete’s name is homosexuality and whether it is what it is believed to be,but go on to spread the anti-gay word and even turn to the bestial side of theirs and gun down a gay or two.
Lastly coming to the question who are we to judge?
Well,for the people who’s mind is filled up with homophobiac trash it is their bussiness.In fact it is their duty to gun down homosexuals and spread the word against them.To make others aware of what an awful creature a gay man is.
Then partly,this kind of attitude results from the religious thinking and religious interpretation of the texts.
In my country it is firmly believed that Prophet Lut’s people were homosexuals and that they were punished for this very reason.To re-interpret Quranic text for them is out of question.What has been said had been said.No doubt about it.Dont speak and dont let speak.
First of all we need to allow the re-interpretation of the religious texts in the light of science and the present enviroment that we are living in.Homosexuals have been,are and will always be in our society and I have no doubts about it.To say that homosexuality can be diminished from the face of the earth is childish,irrational and idiotic.Therefore we have to speculate and let others carry out their own speculations as to whether it was the homosexuality or any other reason which caused the destruction of Soddom and Gomorrah.This might take a little time.But we have none!We cant just sit and wait while another gay person is murdered in the name of Allah.Therefore we must start interpreting Quranic texts,atleast personally,today.And then we can spread our interpretation to like minded learned indvidual.This may be done through either contacting them individually or using internet,or both.
Secondly we must demand that in schools we should let no kind of discrimination be allowed,whether based on relgious affiliations,sexual orientations,nationality or other kind of such irrational thinking.We must stress te need to educate our children that their is nothing with homosexuality.That they are not sick.And certainly not immoral.
It may seem like that we promoting homosexuality.But we are not.Homosexuality,first of all cant be taught and to assume it can be is an idiotic belief.Secondly we should preach tolerance not only concerning homosexuality and stress the need to accept it,but also to accept and tolerate different point of views,beliefs,faiths,gender(or sexlessness)etc.Preaching tolerance towards gays is just one aspect of the whole thing.
We must teach our children that whether one is gay or straight,Muslim or non-Muslim,religious or non-religious,of our country’s national or not,we have no right whatsoever to discriminate that person or hold a grudge against him/her/it.
Homosexuals are existent in every society andif there exists the one in which it is not,then I am sorry,I havent heard of such a society.Therefore rather then persecuting them we should try to make them part of our enviroment treating the with love and veneration.
Atleast in my country I cant see gay hate crimes get away too soon.But as aforementioned we already have wasted alot of time and lives.And we must start over today.Individually or as a group/organization, it depends on you.But try your level best to make a difference in atleast as many lives as you think you can or should,even if it one.For even that one person,if he/she is gay would start to feel better about themselves and stop thinking that God hates them.They would stop thinking that they are the reason why earthquakes happen in Pakistan(because God hates them and has sent them His sign.Whatever!).Teach them that they are natural and urge them to reserach,and think for themselves objectively.
If that person is an anti-gay,homophobiac,one he/she might murder some one.Maybe your knowledge and arguement can show them the way and save a life.
However be cautious,for they mgiht run after you instead.So start off with trying to convince them that we should be tolerant of difference in diversity of this world,beliefs and give freedom to express one’s self.If you think he/she is ready to be liberated then carry on.But if you believe that person is a fanatic or even a highly religious person then stop right there,and argue no more,trust me!
These are jst few of the suggestions I can give to stop the hate crimes committed in the name of God/Religions whether against homosexual,or blacks,or an enemy nations national.But these are not the ultimate ones and are certainly not carved in rock.If you believe I am wrong in my enjoinment or otherwise then please feel free to criticize or even appreciate[:p]
Latly here is something that I am going to leave you wondering about(And you can start off to make anti-gay people wonder with this thing):
Thisis what Rev. Anne Kitch said about Matthew Shepard:
“He was not always a winner according to the world’s standards. He struggled to fit into a world not always kind to gentle spirits. What was important to Matt was to care, to help to nurture, to bring joy to others in his quiet, gentle way.”
I ask one question:
Should we kill homosexuals just because we dont approve of the way they have sex or have sex with and forget the beautiful sous and the rights to life that they have,or should we concentrate on their positive side and think ‘Fine.I am not homosexual and aybe I dont even like homosexuality.But here is my friend.He’s gay and he’s such a beautiful soul.Whatever he does is between him and God and let me even die for him.’?

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