Friday, January 15, 2010

From ''Islamic'' To ''People's'' Republic of Pakistan?

Recently I came across this news in many newpapers that Pakistan's three important political parties,PPP(Pakistan People's Party,which heads the present state government),MQM(Mutahida Qaumi Movement,which has control over the province of Sindh) and ANP(Awami National Party wich governs the province NWFP),gave a though to he fact that Pakistan's full name be changed from Islamic Republic Of Pakistan to Peoples Republic of Pakistan.It has been stated that ANP made the first move and brough the suggestion to table which both PPP and MQM supported,although later ANP's Haji Adeel denied having proposed the name Peoples Republic of Pakistan. But it was confirmed by some anonymous sources tha it was ANP which proposed it all.
Now,first of all I doubt if country's name will be changed,because one thing President Zaradari has taught us is that his words are not Quran and Hadith,so i depends on his political agenda and mood.Secondly even if the government will ever decide to change the name,it would have to put against an immense amount of anti-Government attitude and movements,especially by Mullahs and their new convert Mr.Imran Khan.This government,much to my dismay,has not proven itself that strong.
Thirdly it will make the government infamous(as if it i already is not!).Is Zardari government ready for that???
I believe rather than just changing he name the government must secularize the constitution as well.
But then all this is only going to affect the upper middle class and elite class...not the working class,which wants roti,kapra aur makan(bread,cloth,shelter) and more recently also Cheeni,Atta,CNG aur Bijli (Sugar,Flour,CNG and Electricity).
Any government which has the provided these and brought about economic and political stability can rule over the hearts and then go on to secularize the nation....but Zardari government is toally off the track and so there will be backlash and mess if they just change name and not the circumstances,of the nation.And of course will harm the ideology of secularism further by the religious morally self-righteous Mullahs who would then label every other Liberal and Secularist a staunch supporter of Zardarism. Most of the ANP(A secular party) in a conservative NWFP voed for ANP in hope that now if religious parties have failed to bring them basic human needs of life,a Secular party just migh do it,only to their ire and dismay.

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