Tuesday, September 22, 2009

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  1. I read your post and do not disagree with the fact that people have depicted the image of the prophet Muhammed (SAW) on different occasions. That in and as of itself does not make it right or wrong to do so. My personal understanding is that the reason one is not supposed to have pictures of the prophet and his family or any of the blessed companions is because it was thought to promote a form of idol worship. Muslims are known or were meant to be known as the followers of Allah and not specifically the followers of Muhammed (SAW). I think that the reason that this point still holds valid today is because majority of the Muslim population I think is not completely knowledgeable about Islam and only follow rituals that are passed down from generation to generation. Now this is not the fault of the artist who probably hadn't done his complete research the first time he published the drawings, "freedom of speech" allows people to voice their opinions. I am not commending any acts of violence but I just feel that everyone should have the right to disagree or agree with something. The only things that we have to learn is to do it in a civil manner. As far as the poster of the Virgin Mary goes, I think that is also offensive and I would like to know in what context the poster was created.

  2. Azmeh,
    Thanks for the comment.I do agree with you that just because some people in the past illustrated the drawings of Prophet(SAW) doesnt justify its further use.However,the angered Muslims,after the Cartoon controversy,screamed it on the top of their lungs that drawing Prophet Muhammad(SAW)'s drawings was not only blasphemy but even unheard of.That is the atitude,isnt it? I never knew it myself that such great people drew the Prophet's drawings.In reaction,why dont we erase the name of these Muslim people from history? Because they were not only educated and closer to God but were philosophical minded and had justifications for these drawings.These are no ordinary people.These are the people who have enriched the Muslim histroy.
    The word 'Civil Manner' is quite debatable.For Mullahs questioning Shariah is not civil and is demonic,and for Israelis any atack on the atoricities of Israel results in one being labelled anti-Semitic.
    As for Virgin Mary's poster,I dont find it vulgar or anything.An artist has a right to freely expres himself.I dont find anything wrong with nude art.But then again,its my opinion.
    As for the context of the poster,I have hyperlinked the word NAKED BREATS to the original newpaper report.

  3. Thats the whole point. People voicing their opinions and protests in a civil manner is and was always acceptabel. But putting a price on the head of the person who says or draws things that you do not like is madness. Muslims are not protesting criticisms of Islam in a civil manner, but in fanatical, violent, mad manner.


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