Friday, August 14, 2009

The True Face Of 'Pluralistic Pakistan'

Last Christmas I was jubilant,but still amazed,to see how Pakistani 'free' media was celebrating Christmas and urging the Pakistani Muslims to be active in the celebrations of Non-Muslim brothers and sisters.Before that Geo Television once wished the Pakistani community a Happy Holi,a Hindu tradition,which it didnt do again,for some reason I am not aware of.All the things Mullahs stand against.They would time and again warn you that it isnt right to celebrate the festivities of non-Muslim(more commonly known to Mullahs as 'Kafir').
But what is much more to bring on the wrath of Allah? Celebrating the festivals of you non-Muslim people who contribute to this society as much as Muslims do,if not more,but still remain mariginzalized,or to burn seven non-Muslims(Christians)alive?
Yes!That is exactly what recently happened in Gojra,Pakistan.At least Seven Christians were burned alive,including three women,and dozen more injured.If seven Muslims would have been burned alive in Israel or U.S,Muslim world's furore would have been interesting to watch.Of Course,I am in no way urging the the burning alive of Muslim in the Non-Muslim world.Every human life counts,regardless of its religion,race,culture,sexuality,language etc,since at the very basic level we are all the same.We all have the same protein and non-protein making genes.And that is exactly what I wish the extremists to understand.
Pakistanis donot propogate the killing of innocent.The fact that over 10 million Pakistanis signed the proposition 'Yeh Hum Nahin'('This Is Not Us'),denying any sympathy for terrorism or terrorists,is in itself a proof to the fact that its not about Islam,but brainwashing.
Its been sixty-two years since we got independent,and still our human rights record is appaling.Other countries too have human rights violation,including India and even U.S and almost everywhere in the world.But I am concerned,in this piece,with Pakistan alone.After all just as the brutal killing of Marwa Al-Sharbini,just because she fought for right,in the court,to wear hijab,isnt right so is the case with minorities of Muslim.Publishing of the Muhammaden cartoons in no way justifies the himiliation of Pakistani Christian community.We need to get out of this inhumane tit-for-tat and eye-for-eye behaviour.
Why were the Christians in Gojra killed?
Answer: Because it was 'alleged' against them,without any proof that they disrespected the Holy Quran.One story goes that there was a Christian wedding taking place and the children from the rooftops were throwing papers from above in playful moods.And somehow they got hold of a Quranic page.Not knowing what it meant in Arabic,they threw that too,on the passing people.First of all,what in Pete's name would a page of Quran be doing in a Christian community?Secondly,even if Quranic page was disrespected in this way,where is the proof?But the extremists from a banned Islamist group didnt bother to question that,since they are brainwashed to not think,and burned down the houses of a minor group:Christian.
That is all the story.Yes.A story.Not a fact,since none of them emerged to support the actions.But even if they did,is it right to kill a single human being,leave alone the question of seven.And that too by burning alive.
All thanks to Zia-Ul-Haq,the Islamist ruler of Pakistan,that blasphemy laws are not only vague but also inhumane.So that they can be twisted to fit your political agenda.Having land ownership problems with a Christian?Allegate a blasphemy offence against him.Poor Qadianis cant even preach their religion openly since it offends Muslims to know they believe in Mirza Sahab as the Last Prophet and not Muhammad.It makes it a blasphemy to preach Qadiani belief.
The blasphemy Laws of Pakistani are so inhumane and carelessly styled that it would take me another piece to write,specially scrutinizing them.
For the persecution and kidnapping of Hindu minorities see:

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