Friday, July 24, 2009

A Must Read Letter To Muslims

Respected Muslim Brothers and Sisters,
Whenever someone has criticized Islam,whether it was Salman Rushdie or Taslima Nasreen or someone else,I have heard a cry of anger from you all.Islam is your religion and you have a right to protect it,and speak in defence of it.Note my words! ‘Speak in defence of it(Islam)’ . I didnt say ‘Act voilently in defence of it’.There is a difference.
This world is moving fast like it always has been and societies and their norms change every then and now,especially now,under globalization.Knowing all this how can you murder non-Muslims who are peacefuly preaching their religion?Maybe you dont but the fellows who do so are from the same flock as you.I have heard you all say that they are not Muslims and that Islam stands for peace.But show the world that Islam means what you say and just dont speak about it.
Whenever a person/organization critiques Islam you all unite together and try to undermine that person’s opinions,even though under the UDHR(Universal Declaration of Human Rights) as well as the rights given in Quran(
Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: “Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion.”
Quran 4, 135: “Believers, conduct yourselves with justice and bear true witness before God, even though it be against yourselves, your parents, or your family.” And if that’s not enough for you, try Quran 13, 11: “God does not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.” Both passages are calls to heed our individual consciences, no matter who’s offended.).
But you seem to fade away from the scene when a girl in Qatif is unjustly sentenced to 80 lashes and when a Canadian Muslim girl is killed by her bestial Pakistani Muslim father for not covering her head.
When a Danish newspaper published the Prophet’s caricatures,you came out aggressively and demanded apologies but didn’t give the same response when Mukhataran Mai bluntly told the tragic story of her rape.
You take immense pride in your intellectuals such as Dr.Zakir Naik and Ahmed Deedat’s success over intellectuals of other faiths,but are hesitant to hear criticism on your own religion.Then how can you say who’s wrong and who’s right?How can you say that Zakir Naik did justice,if you don’t let Irshad Manji speak?
After all this how can you expect a westerner to know the peaceful picture of Islam?How can you expect a person to let Muslims live happily when he see that his daughter has a Muslim boyfriend/fiancĂ©/husband,who is intolerant to the Western values,and that his daughter might be influenced badly by her boyfriend/fiancĂ©e’s Muslim environment,and may leave the very values that have given them liberty and joy? Wouldn’t he see Muslims and Islam,in particular,as an intolerant breed/religion?And if he does, wouldn’t he,if he is a patriot, try to get rid of such intolerant and barbaric people?What would you do if you has a son’s girlfriend who was against your Islamic values and may even threaten to turn your son away from Islam?You may shake your head sideways and say ‘Nah! Islam is the right path.If my son’s girlfriend is turning away from her religion and accepting Islam,its better for her.On the other hand if my son is leaving Islam,then he is going astray.Two different situations,you know’.
Right!But would you accept this explanation if the a Christian father of you son’s girlfriend gave you that explanation.Just replace the words ‘Christianity’ with Islam.No! You wouldn’t.Then how do you expect that loving and caring father to?
What if that girl is externally accepting Islam but internally against it,basing her arguments on biased opinions?Is it not better than she be given full-fledge freedom to raise questions and speak her mind.And then if she is wrong she can be corrected.
Similiarly we should give freedom to others so that they can raise questions on Muslim community,religion,and traditions and then they can be corrected and if Muslims are wrong they can accept it or try to incorporate those ideas peacefully.
By issuing death threats on Taslima Nasreen and Salman Rushdie,my Muslim brothers and sisters,you did nothing but gave fuel to fire and gave,indirectly,voice to their opinions.You may say I am mad,but think rationally.When you issued fatwas you brought them on international scene and made people curious which resulted in increase in their popularity and book-sales.
Wouldn’t it be better if you would have called Taslima Nasreen and Salman Rushdie for a debate and see for your own way who’s right and who’s wrong?And if you were right you would have clarified their misconception and shown the world that Islam is not what they picture it be.
Where is the time when Abu Ali Sina would refuse to accept immortality and still be revered as the Muslim philosopher?Sufism is often associated with Islam(although Sufism has emerged from Islam,it’s not necessary that Sufis be Muslims) . But do you know that Sufis have throughout have been in conflict with Ulema(Muslim clerics).
My Muslim friends tell me the names of these famous Muslim philosophers and that famous Muslim scientists,and I ask ‘So what?That time has gone.What is the Muslim world doing right now?Where is the love and peace that Islam preaches?Where are the Abu Ali Sina,Sheikh Saadi,Jalaluddin Rumi,Omar Khayyam of this globalized century?Sould we go on living in past and forget the Talibans?If you all say that Islam is peaceful,all loving and humanitarian then where are the Muslim peace activists and humanitarians and if they exist then why is their voice not heard but that of Al Qaeeda?’
My fellows,I ask you the same questions.
I was so happy to hear Pakistan People Party’s member Babar Awan’s decision to create a rebuttal video to ‘Fitna’ the anti-Islamic video issued by Geert Wilders.Why cant all the Muslims take that approach?
I know you may say ‘He’s Agnostic.Why should we listen to him.He is going to guide us wrong’.
But you should listen to me and people who are trying to reform Muslim(Not Islam)thinking.
You should listen because:
*We don’t want more bloodshed in this world.And as,I hope,you don’t want it too,we have the same vision.Why not work together,putting aside our differences?
*6 million Muslims leave Islam everyday in Africa because they see these Islamic militants gunning down innocent people and inhumane laws forced onto them under the umbrella of Political Islam. Don’t you want to stop them? Don’t you want to show them your version of peaceful Islam?Then you should show them that Islam and basic Human rights are reconcilable.Until then let go of that dream that Islam will dominate the world.


  1. Nice write-up..

    but.. "6 million Muslims leave Islam everyday in Africa"

    where did you get that figure from?

    Although I am very sceptical about the is the link.

    and for the You Tube Video:


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