Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Varun Gandhi:The Scariest Name to Indian Muslims

.According to Varun Gandhi the Muslim names are 'scary'.But after his recently delivered hate speech,not only Muslims,but also Indian Secularists(and of course Pakistanis too) think his name is much more scarier.After all,not only Muslims,but also the great Gandhi was criticized by the young hindutva.BJP is shocked by the behaviour of Arun,and has diassociated itself from the hate speech.Thats a good idea.First let one of your party member,especially if he belongs to an influential family,bark out the hate-filled sentences not only against the Indian Muslims,but also the tolerant Gandhi,and then pretend to be shocked and aghast at what that Party member said and how he behaved.Hmmm....I guess President Zardari should make Bilawal Bhutto proclaim Islam as the ultimate destiny of the human race and decalre India,Israel and America as the anti-Islamic and Satanic powers on earth(with citizens having 'scary names'),ask all the Pakistani Christians and Hindus(and even Jew if there exist any)to leave for U.S,India,and Israel,respectively.Then it'll be fun to watch the reaction of the other countries' governments.Of course I am not enjoining President Zardari or Bilwal Bhutto to do that.In fact if any of them did such a hideous and idiotic thing,I would be the first to write against it.But the point that I am trying make out here is that if India's good Hindu child acts like Hitler in public,not much is said abroad,but if tomorrow here even if a Mullah announces such a thing,it becomes an issue.That is called 'Western-style Hypocrisy', just like Western-style Liberalism.
I am utterly astonished that such a news didnt reach the ears of any Western power,after all,isnt West urging(or should I say 'pushing') Islamic World to fight fundamentalism? If so,then isnt Varun Gandhi a fundamenatlist or atleast a seculer slanderer(which is why everyone's against Taliban for they spread hate speech and denounce free speech and enquiry)? I guess we need to redefine the word extremist.It should go something like:
''Those who hold extreme point of views concerning any particuler ideology,whether political or religous,esp. Islam.Excludes:Christian Conservatives,Israeli politicians,Hindutvas.''.
This definition is ridiculous,I know.But that is the same definition which Muslims all over the world believe West and India is following.Of course,Americans and Indians are not anti-Islamic,atleast not civilians.But when good Hindu Nationalists such as Varun come up on stage and deliver such loathsome speeches,and no influential voice from the political arena raises a stern voice,what other kind of impressed should be embedded in the minds of Muslims,or any minorty or targeted group for that matter?Just disassociating itself from the hate speech and pretending to be shocked wouldnt help bring back BJP the trust of Muslims,if there has been any.It must 'condemn the hate speech in the severest terms'.Because the Muslims have been hurt and humiliated.After spending their lifetime in India,I guess many,if not all,Muslims must have questioned themselves what have they gotten by serving India for so long,if a lousy politician such as Varun Pamela Anderson Babe cant be condemned by the great Nation or any world power.I doubt if such a news hadnt reached the ears of European politicians or Americans,since India has suddenly become so important during a decade or two.If only any political body or voice from abroad,if not from home,had condemned Varun in the severest terms possible,it would have redeemed the West to some extent.And it would have satisfied the Muslims all over the world,just as Indians want to be satisfied by pressurizing Pakistan to admit that state actors were involved in the Mumbai attack.Because Indians are wounded and grieved that Taj,the symbol of modern India has been damaged so easily.They want their country's name redeemed.Therefore when Asma Jehangir went to India with a peace delegation,she often recieved cold receptions.Similiarly,Indian Muslims are wounded and grieved that their names have been called 'scary',and that they should all leave for Pakistan since they are Muslims.Varun Gandhi is just another example of the quasi-Secular(or shouldnt I say so called Secular)India,which boasts about itself as being a truly Secular state.While to some extent it maybe right,it isnt always true.If the Indians really want to prove their point,then such inhumane,childish,irrational,mindless,hate filled voices of brats must be suppressed.


  1. As an Indian who has strong faith in our constitutional principle of secularism I just hope the electorate sees through his political propaganda and gives him a thumbs down in the coming elections.

  2. Nipun Thanks for commenting.I dont think Indians would for Varun Gandhi,atleast after the speech,since for every extremist hindu,there 10 more secular hindus standing up against.But the problem is that he belongs to a dunasty with a big name....just like we have bhuttos in Pakistan,there are Gandhis in India.And trust me,most of the people,in the recent elections,voted for Zardari just because he was the son-in law of Zulfikar Bhutto and husband of Benazir Bhutto.Even if Varun doesnt win the elections,such speeches should be condemned by majority,if not everybody.

  3. Indian society has learnt to mend itself. After a long while the democratic process is healing itself. This became apparent when article 377 was struck down recently. Varun may have survived but BJP didnt. Its ok in India to be pro-hindu but not anti-muslim. The outlook of Indian cricket team should be enough to say how secular Indians really are..

  4. Anoop,
    I do understand your nationalistic feelings but that is exactly why I am so against nationalism.
    You think Riots in Gujarat were not anti-Muslim..Bal Thackeray is not Anti-Muslim,the guy who supported Varun's hate filled speech.
    I am by no means saying that Indians are secular slanderers,but to overlook reality and think there isnt any element of anti-Muslim feelings at all isnt being delusional.The anti-Muslim feelings of Hindutva were have been themes of some Indian films such as ''Karma and Holi'.
    If the outlook of the Indian cricket teams such suggests secularity so does the fashion world of Karachi.....
    But while we celebrate secularism in our nations let us not forget to mourn communalism,nationalism,theorocracy etc.


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