Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Why I would prefer Jasmeen Malik over Nadia Khan.

Honestly I have only seen few of Jasmeen Malik's shows.Perhaps two episodes,if I remember clearly.With so many TV channels coming up every then and now and with all the famous celebrities turning Morning Show hosts why would,if I ever got a chance,love to produce an OPRAH-LIKE show for Jasmeen Malik(just for the record,how about Jasmeen Primetime)?Why not just another celebrity,especially,Pakistan's favourite Nadia Khan?
Because Jasmeen Malik had the morl chutzpah to dare to ask what others couldnt,when Pakistan's first Transsexual marriage of Shumail Raj and Shahzima Tariq came around.Instead of just another Islamists-Against-LGBT Rights-Show,that I was expecting from this lady,I was startled to hear a elderly man,a guest on show, give biological explanation for homosexuality.Of course he refrained from giving personal interpretation of sexual orientation and its compatibility with Koran.But Kuddos to that man for being bold enough to atleast give out public knowledge about the genetic components involved in the making of a homosexual(and enviromental ones too-since no one's solely straight,gay or bisexual biologically alone).Another guest,a lawyer,pointed out how his visit to USA cleared his conception of homosexuals that all gay men effiminate and all lesbians masculine.
Why would I appreciate Jasmeen Malik and her show's team for it and compare it to Nadia Khan's?
First things first.I would congragulate them,because they dared to push the limits,and invite the guests who had rational explanations for homosexuality/trannsexuality,instead of a Koran thumping Mullah/Mullahi(that's the word I have coined.It means female Mullah,meaning scholar).I dont know if Jasmeen Malik believes in LGBT Rights or not.She might even be totally anti-Gay.But even then I want to shout:''Jasmeen LGBT society of Pakistan Loves YOU!''.In a country which is in firm grip of homophobia,even inviting the guests who believe in homosexuality as being atleast partially genetic,is a great step in itself,and one which needs to be applauded.This leads us to answer the second question.Had it been Nadia Khan's show,the guests would not have been invited in the first place,since Nadia openly boasts how she ended the segment of er show which included astrology.After all,she's the celebrity-turned-talkshow hos,who would like to disappoint her.But even if they did get invited I am darn sure Nadia would have gotten in a firece fight the pro-gay guests,and on top of that her 'loyal' callers would have strengthened her point of view and furore against the guests,thus suppressing free speech.This can bee seen from the fact that while Nadia Khan was covering a show on US Transgender Thomas Beatie,she fought over the issue with a caller,like anything but human being,just because the poor thing believed Beatie should have been left over to himself.Ms.Khan reminds me of Anita Bryant,the fierce homophobe during Harvey Milk's time.Now that is why I compared the two.Both are talk show hosts.Both covered the Shumail Raj-Shahzima Tariq case.One is a celebrity talk show host,while the other one is just normal self made one.Yet the former shows the heights of idiocracy(which confirms the stereotypical image of celebrities being beauty-without-brains) while the latter showed rational approach.
Of course the best show would have been if either one of them sinvited both pro-gay and anti-gay guests for a decent talk.Honestly I doubt it would have been a decent talk on Nadia Khan show while I am sure in Jasmeen's it would definitely would have been.This obviously doesnt mean I agree with everything that Jasmeen says,and maybe even with anything that she says.But this just means that yes!We still have some good talk shows left which can left social reforms in our society(even if I really hate Pulse with Jasmeen's show set and believe that it needs reforms itself).

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