Tuesday, December 16, 2008

We Dont Want Your Opinions,Sir!

I, on orkut.com ,run an LGBT community.Seeing this a woman scraped me and told me how people like me spread chaos and perplexity as well as how Allah has created ‘faithful’ believers to wipe out people like ‘me’.
I was amused by her tone of speaking.It seemed like she knew all about Allah and His intention,and not vice-versa, as Islam preaches.
She then went on to guide me about Quran,and enlightened me with her wisdom that reading Quran even with Arabic wouldn’t matter,since thick heads like me don’t seem to catch the very essence of Islam.How did she know what was the real essence of Quran?I enquired if she had read Quran in Arabic and if she knew Arabic,since she was ranting so much about Quran being read according to her wish.
You know what she replied?
That she was wasting her time by debating with me, and she didn’t reply the above queries anyway.Because she hadn’t read Quran in Arabic!I had prepared myself to explain to her the modern relation between Islam and the Islam using Mursala-al-Maslaha as well as Ijtihad.
However she didn’t even know the basics of what Islam is and not even of debating,yet she went on to preach her ‘true’(read:Radical/Extremist)version of Islam.
These kind of responses shouldn’t shock you if you are working to reform Islamic world or introduce the reconciliation between Islam and LGBT rights.In fact you shouldn’t even be shocked if you receive death-threads for doing so,since when majority of Muslims see that they have no way to force their extreme views onto others,or that they cant legally fight you under the banner of freedom of expression,they tend to send you death-threads ,declare you an apostate/anti-Islamic Western mind/MOSSAD agent, and/or issue a fatwa against you.
This is not to say that Islam is the trouble but lack of Quranic understanding,freedom of expression,tolerance for pluralism of the same opinion,and a lot of illiteracy.
The reason that Islamic world,once,used to be the pride of this planet and that of the most successful people the Muslims were,was because of an immense amount of freedom of expression enjoyed by the Muslim world.Now the failure of it is the result of going totally opposite to it.This is now the reason of why the Western world is dominating the Muslim one.Yet Muslims hesitate to face the truth.
Muslims,whether because of illiteracy or an inferiority complex due to the failures that they have guaranteed themselves,have become paranoid enough to believe that Western world wants to eradicate Islam from the face of the earth since Islam is the only true religion and the right path which non-Mulims cant digest.
This might sound horrific or laughable but this is the truth,to a large degree,if not a whole one.
In my school’s morning assembly a child quite easily proclaimed 9/11 attack on World Trade Centre as an anti-Islamic Jewish conspiracy against Muslims.For what?
Are Jews that out of work that they need to even think such foolish stuff?In fact the foolishness of the Muslim world seems to be ever more accentuated by such irrational and baseless assumptions,which show their arrogance.Yes!arrogance.There was a time when Jews considered themselves the superior race and the chosen ones.This job be now taken by the Muslims.
What offended me even more about that morning assembly was the fact that neither principal nor any other authority came up to clarify such stupid belief,maybe because they themselves believed it.What do we expect such anti-western and anti-modernist people,who hold personal grudges against people of other faith on inane grounds,to do when they reach a western country?Will it be easy for them to socialize and mix with pluralistic society of West?I don’t think so.
Then I had a former member of my LGBT community whom I had to ban because of him ridiculing me for my personal beliefs.You cant imagine what extent he went to just to accuse me of leaving Islam because I couldn’t reconcile my faith with sexuality.And after I banned him you know what he took an excuse as to ridicule and humiliate me in his own community?My Atheism.
Atheists are hated by,I think,almost every society,but Muslim one seems to be the leader of them all,despite the fact that it has produced Sufis such as Jalaluddin Rumi who used to drink,which is against Islam,and philosphers such as Abu Ali Sina, who didn’t believe in immortality.
There has always been a war between Sufis/philosophers/Muslim free thinkers and the Ulema.However they all lived in one society and were protected.Is that the case today?Its all in front of you.
Muslims ,to enumerate the blessings Islam has brought with itself to world, recount the names of Sufis and Philosophers that Muslim civilizations have provided this world with.
First of all,majority,if not all, of these Sufis and Philosophers were either Agnostics or Secular Muslims.They might even be Atheists hiding under the pretension of being a Muslim.I mean if Atheists are hated so much right now,so just imagine 3 centuries-5 centuries back.
Secondly if Muslim world has given so much to this world in past,we are all thankful to them.But then what?Wat are we supposed to do?Not critique indoctrination of children,spreading paranoia among young minds against non-Muslims,terror that the word ‘Taliban’ and name ‘Osama bin Laden’ has spread?
If Muslim world is boasting so much about its past then it must also remember that they need to be even better off then what their ancestor were and to set the bars even higher.However the things are going other way round.
Muslims must ensure freedom of expression,thought,press in their society which has always been present in Islam.They must focus on what they have called the message of Islam:Love/Peace.Otherwise what use is a message of if it is unheard and not practiced?
And last but not the least they must ensure a pluralistic society and help eradicate irrational beliefs and prejudice against other gender(and intersex),sexualities,religions,sects etc.
A good human being is the one who has respect for others opinions all the while he might not agree with them at all.
He is the one who listens and then judges using the faculty of reasoning and accepts the new changes which fit into his reasoning.He is the one who allows debate rather than massacres.
And a good Muslim is a good human being,right?

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