Monday, December 15, 2008

Lindsay Lohan And Samantha Ronson.

Well,I think a week ago my friends were talking about how hot Lindsay Lohan is,and then suddenly some of them were like ”But it’s no use….she’s Lesbian”.At first I couldn’t believe it,partly because I myself have a HUGE crush on Lindsay and partly because I thought that no one would be fool to let go of their opposite sex’s fan following.
But Lindsay Lohan did it! I am not sure if she’s Lesbian or not since I read that she had rocky relationships with her boyfriends.I guess she would be a Bisexual then.So what?
Angelina Jolie and Drew Barrymore are Bisexual too.Nobody talks about them not being hot due to their Lesbian side.It’s just that public needs someone to gossip about and poor Lindsay because of her crazy behaviour and attention-seeking soul fell for their gossip(she was always there to fulfill these people’s backbiting habits anyway).
And also because she had the guts to comeout and marry her girlfriend.She has surrounded herself with controversies and this one seems to be the biggest one.But what she did was right and I guess this was a great decision that she made-in what?-five years or so.
I am so angry at those journalists who cant get a story to write about and have turned to make a great deal about Lindsay’s commitment.What the hell is wrong with everyone.On orkut I went to one of Lindsay’s community where in a topic a person said that he was leaving the community now that it’s confirmed that she’s Lesbian.
Very first of all its NOT confirmed whether she is or not! Secondly even if she is so what?She’s less hotter?Her boobs have decreased in their size or she got a 6 inch penis?
I mean come on guys.The real fans of Lindsay would call themselves her ‘fans’ because they would be her well-wishers,not homophobes or wild dogs imagining her naked and masturbating.
I have a huge crush on Lindsay.But even if tomorrow it’s confirmed that she is Lesbian I would still be with her.
Lastly I congragulate Lindsay and Samantha on being so open,even if indirectly and unintentionally.
You have done what you should have and people who would love you will always stick by your side,even if they are homophobes.They might pray to God that you both turn straights but they would never leave you.
If you are worrying about your fan following and family and friend’s response, I will tell you something I read somehwere and something I really believe in:
‘It’s not the quantity but quality of family which matters’.(or the quantity of friends and fans).
Love you Lindsay.

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