Thursday, June 16, 2011

An Open Letter To Tom MacMaster

Mr.Tom MacMaster,
I would refrain from using the entitlement of 'dear' and 'respected, for I believe to millions of LGBT people you no longer remain the former nor do they,or I for that matter, would have respect (apart from your being a human being perhaps?)for a person who not only molested the feelings of many who were extremely worried about the kidnapping of her (Amina Arraf, your darling creation) but also then tried to cover up his fault by declaring one of the most bizarre,and shall I say moronic,explanations I could expect at the very least.
They are reporting you are a peace activist. I am still trying to decide whether I should be banging my head against the wall over it or leave the usage of the term 'activist' to describe myself altogether, for not only its a clear evidence of as to how much the term has become overly used and misused for that matter. I donot wish to remain in the league of heterosexual men who for some reason decide to play with the feelings of many and still be called 'peace activist'.
You not only jeopardized the security of people who would have ended up on Syrian streets to inquire about your (Amina's) whereabouts, but also then came out with your immature explanation for your still largely inexplicable behavior: somehow because you were not taken seriously in the intellectual circles on Syria and Arab-Israeli conflict (should we be surprised Mr.MacMaster?) being looked down upon as some kind of traitor hating his own freedoms you decided to lead people on into believing you are Gay Syrian woman. Bill Graber,Paul Brooks you might remember since you are both the sailors of the same boat,seems to also have come up with this sort of unbelievably moronic explanation:They would take my activism for Lesbian cause seriously since I am heterosexual.Heck yeah they wouldnt Bill, if you steal the identity of your own wife! Let me spell it out clearly for you , both of you straight men. I,being a Pakistani stand against antisemitism under my real name,in person,during discussions with conservatives in a country like Pakistan where everything wrong is labeled as the export of Anglo-American world and/or Israel/India.I dont use a pseudonym necessarily for that,and certainly not because I feel iwouldnt be taken seriously but purely for security reasons. If anything the fact that straight man has started "Lez Get Real" and believes in Queer cause would only be more beneficial and thought provoking then a Lesbian fighting for her cause, for it would be largely unthought of by homophobes. Same goes for a white married straight man in discussion of Arab/Israeli conflict and Syria.Its...ummm... common sense! I wonder why didnt Ellie Weisel or Noam Chomsky start their own hoax blogs to get their opinions to reach the other side of the room without prejudice? Let me think for a minute: Because they have intellectual integrity,intellectual honesty and strength to stand up against opposition and critique! Not too much to ask of a Peace activist now,is it?
Can you kindly explain to me ,if it were all about your great(and greatly unneeded as many would agree) service to the Arab cause and/or contribution to the debate over the whole Mid East issues, why in the world would you end up abruptly stating the disappearance of Amina? Why would steal the pictures of Jelena Lecic? Why would exchange romantic letters with Sandra Bagaria?
Wait. I guess I found some answers.Thank Goodness this time you didnt come up with an unbelievably screwed up explanation. According to Guardian, you do admit to having acted out of "vanity" and created the blog. You do admit that you are "guilty" of trying to play with emotions of a human being. As you state:
"I feel really guilty about that ... I got caught up in the moment and it seemed ... fun"
However just when it starts to surface about your psyche (as well as of common heterosexual men!) and you realize you have your tail between your legs you tell us you dont want to talk about any talk being sexually aroused by the interaction between you and Miss Bagaria stating "I don't want to go into that aspect particularly of it."
Oh no, we,and more especially Miss Bagaria, deserves honesty and honest explanation from your part. Perhaps its hard for you, but its one of the things you would have to do to save your humanity in the eyes of world.
Let me check. Just a minute.Fine.I am back and I just read all the activism oriented literature in the world and nowhere does it say you have to screw the romantic feelings a grown adult woman (human) or risk the security of media persons just to interact with you, in order to become some big hot shot peace activist. Kindly recommend something.
But Mr.MacMaster, more importantly my personal feelings are outraged for I write under a pseudonym.Right now,as you are a Peace "activist" you must know, openly speaking about LGBT rights is a far cry.If we just get to keep this country on a road to basic humanity and proper democracy,it would be an achievement in itself. Thus I am at risk for displaying my photograph or state my real name,even if some fellow activists do know it.Your idiocy may have shown us the flaws in the culture of activism under pseudonym and the internet blogging, but it also means next time someone shows a Pakistani homophobe my article,and if the knowledge reaches the homophobe about me using a pseudonym, the first and major reaction would be to question Nuwas Manto's existence and the authenticity of my being a Pakistani.While I would take it positively and optimistically hoping in the best outcome and as stated above some fellow activists do know my "other" persona, it does in no way redeem you.What you did was heinous and immoral (I dont need refer to read Kant or Mill(s) in order to reach that conclusion.Majority of irate articles on you may have shown you that already).
In our country,Pakistan,we,as children,are often told as to how hiding one lie leads to another. You perfectly demonstrated it to us this day.Also how the lie shall never be everlasting. Next time I have to show my nephew and nieces how lying can get you ended up as a loathsome piece of crap,I'd post a photography of yours on their FaceBook wall.
You apologized for you actions. You are too late.You are to be held accountable for identity theft,molestation of million of people's feelings,taking the focus off the real Syrians fighting out there bravely to oppose the Assad regime, jeopardizing the security of not only the activists up in alarm to run out and rescue you but also media personnel as well as making a complete mockery of the word "activist".Apology NOT accepted.Or else I'd have to accept the apology of Tracy Morgan as well,and then the list goes on.I dont know why,but you people to think with you feet and do the actions and then if and when there is reaction come out and apologize. I wonder what your reaction would be if someone can entangle your darling daughter in romantic relationship only to reveal to to her he is Gay and was acting out of "vanity".
Nuwas Manto.

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