Friday, September 4, 2009

The Story Of Gaza

Hatred for Israel is prevalent throughout the Muslim world,and after the 22 day Gaza offensive the anti-semitic feelings are high,for alot of people believe that Israel is a strictly Jewish country.But Muslim hatred for Jews and Zionists,is a result of the unjust use of Israeli power against Palestine,something which the Gaza offensive has clearly demonstrated.President of the General Assembly, Miquel d'Escoto Brockmann, accused Israel of violating international law.According to him"it has been turned into a burning hell." The UN's Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories, Professor Richard Falk, characterized the Israel offensive as containing "severe and massive violations of international humanitarian law." Its a shame that a little condemnation came in the way of Israel.I dont see any difference between the Taleban and the Israeli officials.Only that latter is supported and protected by West.As usual Israel is has unsuccessfully tried to decieve public by claiming that it meant no harm to the general civilian public,but it had to take on the Gaza offensive for the security of Israel's security concerns were at hand.But its not only the Gaza offensive which the humanitarians and Muslims loathe about Israel.For six decades Pete knows how many lives have been slain at the hands of Israelis. According to Stephen Lendman ''Throughout its history, Israel has willfully and repeatedly committed crimes of war and against humanity, always with impunity.'' What are crimes against humanity? The term 'crimes against humanity dates back to Nuremberg Charter of 1945 for the trial of the major Nazi war criminals,where in the Nuremberg Charter of 1945, a new type of international crimes was introduced,to deal with the Nazi persecution of the Jews.But U.N Human Rights Commission determined that Israel is currently involved in the same crimes against Palestine:Crimes against Humanity.First the Jews suffered at the hands of Jews,and now Zionists(whose ancestors are,obviosuly,Jews) and Jews are doing the same to Palestinians.What hope is left for humanity?After the Holocaust the Zionists and Jews(I am using distinct words,Zionists and Jews,because not all Jews are Zionists,and not all Zionists are practicing Jews) should be the most humble race on the face of the earth that ever existed.But they seemed to have still not learned the lesson,even hard way,as Stephen Lendman records in his article 'Incriminating Evidence of Israeli War Crimes In Gaza':
'....according to one Operation Cast lead soldier: "That's what is so nice, as it were, about Gaza - You see a person on a road....and you can just shoot him." This message is ingrained in young recruits, to see Jews as superior, Arabs as sub-humans, so it's "morally" OK to slaughter them.'
But what really angers me,among many others,is that U.N has been doing little to tackle with the issue.Ban Ki-Moon's 'outrage' is not going to bring back dead families and friends, to the grieved Palestinians.They want Israel to pay price for the unjust killing of Palestinian civilians in over six decades.But U.N itself is to be blamed for the suffering of the Palestinians,as Professor George Bisharat from the Hastings College of the Law at the University of California notes:
The UN is deeply implicated in the injustices and violations of rights of the Palestinians over the last six decades," he said. "It is not at all clear that the General Assembly had the legal authority to partition Palestine, and the plan it passed in 1947 violated the rights of the indigenous people of Palestine to self-determination.'' He says "The United Nations has owed the Palestinian people a moral debt since that time ? and one that it has never effectively paid."
The world powers do little,if nothing at all.After all,they did nothing for the Chechens.They did othing for the Afghans.They did nothing for the Iraqis.So why bother about Gaza?The fact is that most of the world states are lead by the slaves and faithful pets of United States,the biggest and the most powerful supporter of Israel.But I wonder if Israel needs U.S,or vice versa.When U.S called for a meeting to call onto,Hamas and Israel,for a ceasefire,U.S itself voted against the notion of ceasefire,much to the embarrassment of Condolleza Rice.Why?We all know that,dont we?Apparently because Ehud Olmert called the President Bush to vote against the ceasefire.He went as far as to say,when he was told that Bush was busy,'I dont care'.
We all know that.Israel doesnt care for its reputation,the voices of millions of humanitarians,the cries of Palestinians,and now Ehud Olmert doesnt care, whether President Bush had time to talk to him or not.And of course,Israel certainly doesnt care for United Nations.In fact Israel has exposed the weakness of U.N itself.Author and Political scientist,Norman.G.Finkelstein said "Why should Israel care? The world is doing nothing. The only hope is public opinion, which is light years ahead of the elected representatives."
Francis Boyle,Porfessor of International Law,notes in his article 'Israel's Crimes Against Palestinians:War Crimes,Crimes Against Humanity,Genocide':
'In operative paragraph 1 of its 19 October 2000 Resolution, the U.N. Human Rights Commission: "Strongly condemns the disproportionate and indiscriminate use of force in violation of international humanitarian law by the Israeli occupying Power against innocent and unarmed Palestinian civilians...including many children, in the occupied territories, which constitutes a war crime and a crime against humanity..." '
'And in paragraph 5 of its 19 October 2000 Resolution, the U.N. Human Rights Commission:"Also affirms that the deliberate and systematic killing of civilians and children by the Israeli occupying authorities constitutes a flagrant and grave violation of the right to life and also constitutes a crime against humanity;..."'
So if Israel didnt care about United States' wording in the 19 October 2000 Resolution,before the Gaza offensive,can anyone give me one good reason why it would care in future?Kole Kilibarda,an organizer of Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid(CAIA) bleieves ''Social change has never come from the UN," Kilibarda said. "At its best, the UN has only managed to legitimize what social movements had fought for over decades and sometimes centuries."
I believe I have successfully proved that U.N can do little to help Palestinians.For more information do read Francis Boyle's amazing and eye opening article mentioned above.
Now what about Israel's crimes during the 22 day Gaza offensive?According to Ehud Barak IDF is the "the most moral army in the world." The morality(or shouldnt I say 'immorality') of IDF came out when Military correspondent Amos Harel revealed that Israeli soldiers and pilots were ordered to kill unarmed civilians and destroy their property - accounts at variance with official claims that only military targets were attacked and that "Israeli troops observed a high level of moral behavior during the operation."
Stephen Lendman notes another incident in his article 'Incriminating Evidence of Israeli War Crimes Against Gaza':
"Moral" examples( of IDF)included an infantry squad leader recounting the shooting of a mother and her two children: "There was a house with a family inside....We put them in a room. Later we left the house and another platoon entered it, and a few days after that there was an order to release the family....The platoon commander let the family go and told them to go to the right. One mother and her two children didn't understand and went to the left," after which a rooftop sniper "shot them straight away''.
The Immorality of IDF can be furthered seen from the fact that a squad leader told of a company commander ordering an elderly Palestinian woman to be shot and killed while a soldiers said "we should kill everyone (in the center of Gaza); everyone there is a terrorist;".

Then the case of soldiers writing "death to the Arabs on walls" and spitting on family pictures, a squad leader saying: "At the beginning, the directive was to enter a house with an armored vehicle, break the door down, (and) start shooting inside - I call it murder - to shoot at everyone we identify;" commanders called it OK "because everyone left in the city is culpable because they didn't run away;"and soldiers ordered to indiscriminately destroy property and farmland;

Each and every one of these incidents shows the racism that the Israelis are subject to(carrying on the legacy of Hitler with them),and all of them are gruesome,inhumane,unacceptable and much like the Taleban's activities(then why condemn Taleban alone?Because they dont want to follow Western Liberalism-We all know that isnt the real case for there are Human Rights problems in many other countries too,but U.S,never took interest in them,because they were strategically important to it).But one of the most horrifying ones,that I find is that orders were given to enter a house, "switch on loudspeakers and tell (occupants) you have five minutes to run away and whoever doesn't will be killed;"

As I stated before,world powers would do little(just to pretend helping Palestinians),if nothing at all,for the world is filled up with the America's lapdogs.It is upto us,the civilians,to take actions and pressurize our governments,and other people's too,to take action,before more lives and properties are lost.According to a confidential EU report,Israel has been accused of "of using settlement expansion, house demolitions, discriminatory housing policies and the West Bank (Separation) barrier as a way of 'actively pursuing the illegal annexation' of East Jerusalem." Israel,Of Course,denies the whole charge,but we all know the truth.
But I guess we are to much concerned about our ownselves that we have ourselves lost our humanity,our altruistism.We have forgotten how Israel has killed our Palestinian brothers and sisters,just like we have forgotten the suffering the Chechens.Probably because we have gotten too used to hearing all the atrocities committed against them,or maybe we are provided we half knowledge by the so called 'free media'.Whatever the reason,the silence of majority,when such inhumane crimes are committed cant be excused.After all,we are to keep quite,when we know our darling politicians are going to do nothing,then what hope there exists for Palestinians,Chechens,Afghans,Iraqis,and humanity in general?If anyone has got any ideas as to how we can spread more awareness about the Israel's crimes against Palestinians,do suggest them to me.I will be more than willing to hear them.


  1. I thought my posts were disturbing and painful, urs certainly transcend all of them. Where do u get all the gory pics? Very well written and i m amazed by your knowledge and passion towards humanism

  2. Thanks alot Loversprayer.
    I think your painful posts are as emotional,for pain is pain after all,whether experienced by you or a Palestinian child.


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