Tuesday, May 5, 2009

World Press Freedom Day and The Awakened Consciousness of Pakistani Journalists

One of the worst mistakes that Taliban have done so far is to threat free media of Pakistan.Although,Pakistani media has a long way to go before it truly calls itself 'free',it has made it clear to anyone that its so not going to shut up and sit down while the whole country is being gradually usurped by the good Muslims,Taliban.Taliban,probably overjoyed by their victory over the reluctance of President Zardari to sign the peace agreement between Pakistani government and them(thanks to the Awani National Party for threatening to leave the assembly if the agreement was not signed.This is a Secular Party of Pakistan-Can anyone believe it?),forgot that Pakistanis are not an easy target to prey.Sending pamphlets,warning the media of dire consequences it they dont shut up their mouths and drop their pens,is not going to help them,as they have seen for themselves.On World Press Freedom Day took out a rally and vowed not to bow down to the pressure and inhumanity of Taliban.
I have,every then and now,voiced my opinions concerning the need for Pakistani civil society to pull up its socks and push for an anti-Talibanization,government and movement.I am happy to see that people have starting to take initiatives against the Taliban.However,I still would like to see a much more resistant population come up,since right now we need to shout and scream against Taliban,not talk against them.
I just dont want that by the time my country realizes it needs to stand up for those oppressed in Buner and Swat,and even Malakand area,its too late.That is the least thing anyone wants to hear.Right now we need a united movement against Taliban.And that is to be headed by someone highly influential.My hopes were tied to the stole of Aasma Jehangir,but perhaps her stole has been burnt by the government,or else Taliban.
Talibanization is not today's problem.It has existed for a long time,starting right after the anti-Communist war of U.S against U.S.S.R,in Afghanistan.In their jubilation,the Americans forgot to relocate Mujahideen,the holy warriors,whom it had herself poured into the Afghan region.Therefore,Taliban are neither Muslim nor Islamic innovation,but those of global super power.What was the only mistake of Pakistan was to recognize Talibanized state of Afghanistan,making it one of the three only countires in the world to do so.
Now we and Americans are reaping what we had sown.But then again,America gets away with it,just like everything.Nobody is blaming America,but only Afghan-Pak region,the ones who followed American orders.
But coming back to the topic of Taliban and free society.Who do you think should lead a resistance movement against Taliban?

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