Tuesday, December 16, 2008

When You Should Come Out of the Closet?

Should you come out to your family about your sexual orientation or personal beliefs about religion(such as Agnosticism or Atheism or conversion to another religion)?
Honestly I think yes.But only after you have achieved such a status in your life that you can support yourself ably even when your family has kicked you out,for there are a great many chances of happening so.
There is nothing wrong in being an Atheist or turning away fromyour religion,if you feel that another stance or religion is better.There nothing wrong with you being homosexual or even pansexual .But try not to open up to your family when you are quite dependent upon them.There are advantages of coming out of the closet as well as disadvantages,for has there been anything with no side-effects and benefits,in this world?
Its better if you try to conceal your religious convictions or sexuality while you are financially dependent upon your family.They may kick you out and you may have no place to give yourself a shelter.
Once you have achieved the basic necessities of life such a wealth and education,you can then come out of the closet and proclaim yourself whatever you want,for then even if you family kciks you out you have a shelter to hide under and independence.

Till then you should try to:

1:Complete your education.
2:Open up to our close friends who you believe love you unconditionally.
3:Meet/Contact like minded people and try to converse with them as to how you should come out.
4:Join some communities in which you are sure your information will be kept confidential.
5:Be in peace with your religious convictions/sexuality and religion/yourself.
6:Try to educate other people about your stance,but be sure that they don’t rise against you for holding such an opinion or your sexuality.

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