Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Union Of Brights.

I am a bright,a person who has denounced supernaturalism and see the world as natural.I am actually Agnostic and a Secular Humanist.A Bright can be a Secular Humanist,Atheist,Agnostic,Free thinker or a person who belongs to a certain religion but is secular in his/her point of view.Being an Bright,I encounter a lot of problems in my homeland,Pakistan which is an Islamic republic.Whenever I tell someone I am a humanist and that I have denounced the religions altogether,there’s this certain look.I dont think that I can have good and ‘real’ friends who are religious.I dont have any problem with their religions or religious views(until and unless its not impeding their progress.If it is then I try to guide them,but the rest is upto them.)but its they who have a problem with me being non-religious.Obviously not all the people react like that.There are those who failingly try to hide their discomfort.Then at the last their are also those who dont give a damn about what your religious point of view is.They love YOU as a friend,and not your belief system.But they exist only as a minority who have lacked the advanced form of religious brainwashing.My country,Pakistan, is one of thos which has an immense amount of talent.And to even think about what Pakistani can do to make this world better makes me sanguine.However,its an Islamic republic,which means that we have a really narrow chance of even trying to introduce secular humanism in this land.With the Zardari government in its place alot of people hope that their will be a safe future of democracy in Pakistan.I disagree.In fact that sounds chimerical to me that Pakistan can ever be a true Democracy under the hands of traditional Muslims.But we must never lose hope,for it is there when we have nothing else to hold on to(NO!You dont have God to hold on to,even if you are a theist.Its the HOPE that God will be there to help you that you hold on to.).What we brights must do is to unite together.Whether Pakistanis or not,after all we want a safer world,rather than a sfer U.S.A or Pakistan.We have interact together through forums,blogs,communities,etc,and demand that Pakistan government must grant the freedom of expression and the freedom to start a movement, as guaranteed under the constitution of 1973.We must unite and pressurize the government of Pakistan to do so.I have a few ideas,but we must come up with others too.Mine are:1:You should write an anonymous or non-anonymous letter to the President of Pakistan demanding the full Freedom of Expression and the Freedom to start Movements.The larger the amount of letter the better as it will show that we are larger in number then the government thought.2:If you live in a Secular country,then thats great.You can try to educate others about the need of freedom of expression ,thought and press in Pakistan.3:You can educate yourself with the concet of reconciliating the religion of Islam and freedom of expresion.And this will make give a better place among the Muslims and they’ll be ready to listen to you,since you are not discarding or refuting Islam but doing what many Muslims want:rconciliation of Islam and modernity.In the end I would just like to say that it is extremely important that we all Brights unite together to work for a better future,whether in Pakistan or anyother country in the world.Its on our part to interact together,comeup with new ideas,and form group to implement them or pressurize the governments to do so.Thanks

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